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Company Profile
V. V. Enterprises, an ISO 9001-2000 company represents the most modern and rationalized company in the motor vehicle gear manufacturing field.

Founded in 1998, at the time when it was oriented towards the domestic market, the company has developed its competence over the years in domestic as well as overseas after sales market so that today it is a leading company in its own class.
Business Type Exporter / Manufacturer
Year Established 1999
No. Of Employees 50
Annual Turnover Rs 3 Crores
Bankers CANARA Bank
Products Manufacturing and Exporting Gears, Shafts, Axles, Power Take Off, Clutches, Synchronizers, Couplings, and Bevels & Crown wheel & Pinions
Technology and Quality are two aspects so enmeshed together that one invariably leads to the other. Every parts manufactured by V. V. Enterprises. Undergoes quality test during each phase of production from test on the steel to be forged to dimensional tests after hardening. The factory is equipped with various kinds of testing equipment like Roll tester, CNC Lead & profile tester plus various kind of testers for spiral & straight Bevel Gear.

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